As I go about my daily routines, I have encounters that give me pause. Particular objects, their placement, the spaces they occupy, and my body's relationship to these signifiers create an intersection of a remembered place and my current context. A connection is made between two environments, one at hand and the other remembered. I tap into this brief merger of my present location and a memory, identifying objects as personal landmarks and a catalyst for construction.

I respond to materiality and draw upon my history of making to relate ideas. A snow shovel sliding around in the back of my car and stacks of polystyrene from past projects, the butting-together of commonplace subjects and familiar studio materials produce unexpected tensions. I carve, construct, and join low, often rummaged materials and portions of past works into lonely vistas alluding to the slippages associated with memory’s shaky hold on place. The resulting sculptures are a build-up of references aimed at softening the margins that separate perceptions and moments, inhabiting a landscape between ‘here’ and ‘there.’